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Treaty 8 Agricultural Benefits Claim update 2019

By April 6, 2018March 20th, 2019No Comments

Dear DTFN citizens,

The truth about the state of DTFN’s agricultural benefits (cows & plows) claims as of March 19, 2019:
I’m forwarding copies of the last update for your information, see attachments.  These copies were sent out to Dene Tha’ members for sharing with as many members it may reach via emails and social media (i.e. DTFN FB) … sent out on Oct 17, 2018.  No new information came in from the Government of Canada as of today.
Recall that as of November 2017, the federal government informed DTFN by letter that claims settlement negotiations for the Agricultural Benefits (cows & plows) with DTFN was approximately 3 to 3.5 years away from the time of meeting the basic requirements. This means that the negotiations between the Specific Claims Commission and DTFN was estimated and may start sometime, on or about, Nov 2020 to May 2021.  Therefore, the question we all need to ask ourselves is – how much time will it take from the start of negotiations to arriving at a settlement?  In this case, my guess is as good as anyone’s guess.  I’m sorry that this is not what you want to hear however the reality is that the control is on the Government of Canada’s side as they management the specific claims process in accordance to the Specific Claims legislation.  IMPORTANT – For further information please click on the following link here: If you’d like share this with other fellow DTFN citizens, please feel free to do so.
Please do not listen to misinformed rumours that are popping up now and then.  Any new information we may receive from the Federal Government about the our Ag. Benefits claims process will be shared with DTFN citizens.
Hope this helps.


James Ahnassay
Chief, Dene Tha’ First Nation

Letter of update to members on Agricultural Benefits – CLAIMS April 5, 2018
Letter – DTFN to Minister Carolyn Bennett re Agricultural Benefits Claim – September 10, 2018
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