Message from Chief and Council

Ay deh Le Tii – Tsi Ohneh – Ghai Daii Tsie De Te
(Education leads to Independence)

What must I do to get what I want in life while I am still young? How long do I have to stay in school? Is there life after schooling? Why am I afraid and can I overcome my fears? What if my parents and friends don’t want me to leave home?

These are some questions that may come to mind among many, always remember they are important. Trust yourself to find answers. Later in life, you will be glad you did.

First things first, make your own personal education plan. A plan must involve a vision. A vision (day dream it) is seeing yourself in the future as a Teacher, a Nurse, or any Vocation or Profession you have attained, be it with a certificate, a diploma, or a university degree.

Secondly, make it your mission to turn your vision to reality. A mission is planning out the path you must take to make your dream come true.

Thirdly, you must have goals and objectives that will help you to focus on the first steps you will take and further steps after reaching each milestone. As you plan the path of your mission, keep asking yourself; what must I finish first (milestone) before moving on to the next goal, and so on?

Once you have finished your Educational Plan, you will have answered the second question above. Make sure to follow your plan, trust yourself, stay focussed, and don’t deviate…it will be worth the time and effort.

Once you have successfully accomplished your mission and made your dream come true, life after school – begins. Completing an education is like finishing a foundation upon which to build a home, a strong foundation upon which you can build a life-time of independence.

What will stand in your way of going after and finishing education? The fear factor! As Human Beings – we all have fears. Can you overcome fear? Yes! Absolutely, anyone can overcome fear. Tame it before it controls your life. How? There are many ways: counselling, talking to trusted friend(s), read about it, there are many well written books to guide you through the obstacles of life.

Leaving home and friends (another fear factor)? It’s not going to be the end of the world. A simple example: look at the birds. Birds come in the spring, build nests, nurture its eggs, eggs hatch and young ones come into life. By fall, the young birds have learned to fly and head south for the winter. The following spring, the young birds return, but do not look for the nest they were born in. They build their own nests to start their own family and life goes on. Simplistic as it may sound, you will enjoy coming home like a Star. Come home shining to build your own career and livelihood, a family and a home, and life of independence.