Vision Statement

Dene Tha’ people are the foundation of our Nation. They form self-defined and governed communities and together we hold a collective vision and outlook for the future. As stewards for our tradition and culture we preserve for our present to invest for our future benefit to sustain our Treaty and Inherit Rights. Through our economic investments and strategic plans, we will build upon existing businesses and ventures for our sustainability and prosperity.

Dene Tha’ are an aboriginal people and form the foundation of the Dene Tha’ Nation. The Dene Tha’ are self-governing in our communities and collectively, and as stewards of our lands, our tradition and culture, together we continue to share our collective vision for the present and future generations.

  • Collectively we will protect our lands and resources
  • Collectively we will sustain our tradition and culture
  • Collectively we will invest in our future
  • Collectively we will protect and enhance our treaty and aboriginal rights