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Post Secondary Education

This page serves as a resource for post secondary education opportunities, including potential funding assistance, scholarship opportunities, links to external resources and more.

Also make sure to check out our recognition section where we celebrate the successes of our members.

Online Sponsorship Application for Post-Secondary Education Funding

Click below for the in depth Policy Document & Post Secondary Student Assistance Application. This document outlines the various types of support which are available through the Dene Tha’ First Nation Education (DTFNE) Post Secondary Student Assistance Program (PSSAP) to eligible Treaty/Status Indians of the Dene Tha’ First Nation.  To be eligible to apply for assistance under the Dene Tha First Nation PSSAP, an application must:

  • Be a Treaty/Status Indian whose name appears on the list as a member of the Dene Tha’ First Nation
  • Have met University or College Entrance requirements
  • Have been enrolled in, or accepted for enrollment in a program of study at a P/S institute
  • Have been interviewed by the CPSSS, received an application package, applied and been accepted by a P/S institute.  The applicant must return proof of acceptance, an outline of program cost, tuition, books and supplies costs, and completed & signed copies of all standard DTFNE forms to the CPSSs

Graduate Recognition

If you are a Dene Tha’ First Nation Band Member and have successfully completed a university or college program, you are entitled to have your profile posted here for recognition of your academic achievement.

If you are a Graduate of a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate program at a university or college institution and wish to be recognized for your hard work and academic achievements, please complete the Post Secondary Achievement Information Release Form (PDF 66 kb) and send it to the Coordinator of Post Secondary Student Services (CPSSS) along with a copy of your Graduation Photo.

Browse profiles of successful post-secondary (university or college) graduates by last name.

Elna Ahnassay School Attended: Fairview College

2004 – Certificate Office Admi…

Harvey Ahnassay School Attended: Fairview College

1999 – Certificate Carpentry J…

James Ahnassay School Attended: NAIT

1989 – Diploma Civil Engineeri…

Jamie Natannah School Attended: NAIT

2007 – Certificate Computer Ne…

Lorraine Belhomme School Attended: Red Deer College

2009 – Diploma Business Admini…

Sapphira Belhomme School Attended: Red Deer College

2009 – Diploma Paralegal Assis…

Silvia Pastion School Attended: Norquest College

2003 – Diploma Social Work 200…

Stephen Ahnassay School Attended: NAIT

1996 – Diploma Construction En…

Tanya Yatsallie School Attended: NAIT High Level Campus

2006 – Certificate Office Care…

Wanda Chalifoux School Attended: GPRC

2007 – Bachelor Degree Busines…


Hey there students!  Here are some more bursaries & schoarships for you to check out.  Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to help yourself get some more money for your tight budgets. Some of the deadlines have past, but you can apply on an annual basis. Make sure to check the deadline dates.