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Jamie Natannah

Post Secondary Recognition : Jamie Natannah

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School Attended: NAIT

2007 – Certificate
Computer Network Administrator

“I went to school fulltime during 2006/2007 for 8 months, at first I was intimidated by my younger classmates, but overtime I was comfortable working with them.  Our class had different variety of ethnic backgrounds and each person had a different skill level when it came to networking.  My common-law and I learned that she was pregnant during that time as well, I pressured myself to keep up with my schoolwork because when I was done it would be only a matter of time before my son was born so I had to go back to work and prepare for this new addition to our family.  I enjoy the field of computers because from now on, most things are run by computers, and there are people in the background who keep them up and running.  In the future I’d like to expand on my knowledge in computers and continue on to BAIST, to make a milestone in our family and in my own life.  And maybe that’ll make an impression on young community members and my son that with hard work, anything is achievable.  I overcame many obstacles when it came to school, there were long days were money was tight, a person had to budget very carefully to make ends meet, my family back home helped me out when times were really tough, I often thought of giving up and returning home, we struggled with what we got for a month but we stuck it out anyway.  But there are resources available, I found out that there are people there to help, I would like to thank the Aboriginal Liaison Worker at NAIT, I talked to her sometimes when I was feeling down and it helped out tremendously.  I may have cut my educational pursuit short if I hadn’t talked to her.  I would like to thank my family as well, there were times when I really needed them and they were there, and I’d like to thank my mom, if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I could have made it as far as I did, she held me up when I needed comfort, and my common-law who stuck by side through thick and thin, we did it baby!  And god, with him I was given the strength to push myself to be punctual, alert and confident, thank you!”