Mission Statement

Dene Tha’ will progress with culture and education; make lasting initiatives that will enable our nation to have a transparent governance to provide a proficient quality of service for our communities.

By 4th year of our term as the Dene Tha’ Nation sitting government there will be excellent team work, lower SA load, new revenue stream, local thriving businesses, Dene Cultural activities and events in all communities and increased Dene Tha’ people participating to address social issues and increase Dene Tha’ spiritual activities:

  • Ventures, procurement and acquisition of business to keep providing good services to oil and gas companies
  • A well-planned business strategy supporting potential increase in local business
  • Train band employable for skilled labor, operating and supervision opportunities
  • Be able to take pride in holding community meetings with delivery of transparent reports of the government, First Nation business and organization operations
  • Increased sobriety and more student enrollment in community school and increased technical post secondary application
  • Bigger education budget to support community schools and post secondary enrollment