Chateh Hockey Jersey Contest and Rink Naming Contest

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This contest to design a hockey jersey for the Dene Tha’ First Nation and to name the rink behind the detachment.  Jordan’s Principle Grant funds and private denotations were secured to build a rink behind the detachment. It is a concrete slab with rink boards. In the spring there are basketballs nets that can be added. It can be used year round by the youth for ball hockey, ice hockey, skating, dodge ball, basketball, etc.

The ice will be ready for kids skating by Monday December 3rd. The rink is well lit and can be used in the evenings as well.

Chateh Community Naming Contest

Chateh Jersey Design Contest Design Form Blank

Annual Operating Plan for Tolko Industries Ltd.

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Annual Operating Plan for Tolko Industries Ltd. (High Level Lumber Division), Norbord Inc., La Crete Sawmills Ltd., NDEH Limited Partnership, and Netaskinan Development Ltd. made availble.  If anyone wants further information regarding the Annual Operating Plan they can be directed to Trevor Lafreniere, Tolko Planning Superintendent, at (780) 805-3851 or myself (Paul Hewitt, Tolko Operations Forester – Planning at (780) 926-8992  More information is also available at .  If you require any more information please feel free to contact me.