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Information Bulletin for Members Agricultural Benefits Claim

By March 31, 2021No Comments

Agricultural Benefits Claim
March 31, 2021

We are pleased to report that the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Carolyn Bennett, signed our Agricultural Benefits Claim Settlement Agreement today.

This was the last stage in the settlement of our claim, and so it is a cause for celebration!

Next Steps

We do not have the settlement monies in the Dene Tha’ Community Trust yet, but we can expect them very soon (probably any day now, but within 45 days at the latest).

Once the funds are paid by Canada into the Trust, the Trustee can begin paying the Per-Capita Distributions for those members who have submitted signed and completed registration packages.

Questions and Answers

Q:      When will I get my registration package?

A:       The packages are being printed and will be mailed soon.

Q:      What can I do to get ready while I wait for my registration package?

A:       You should:

  1. Make sure Dene Tha’ Administration has your current postal address. The best way is to email it to If you don’t have access to email then you can phone 780-926-2786 (Toll Free 1-888-926-6368), or you can drop your information in the mail slots at the administration offices in Chateh, Meander River or Bushe River.
  2. If you don’t want to wait for a cheque, and want your payment electronically, then get a Direct Deposit Form, Electronic Funds Transfer Form or a Void Cheque from your Banking Institution so you will have it ready.
  3. Make sure you have Government Issued Photo Identification, such as:
    1. Passport
    2. Driver’s Licence
    3. Provincial Health Card
    4. Certificate of Indian Status (even if it’s expired)
    5. Provincial Identification Card
    6. Firearms Possession/Acquisition License

Q:      How soon after I submit my registration package will I get my PCD payment?

A:       If the Trustee has received the settlement monies from Canada, then you should receive your PCD payment within 30 days of the Trustee receiving your registration paperwork. If you would like to get your payment faster, be sure to choose the “Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer” option on the Client Information Form that will come in your PCD Registration package.

For More Information

The best place to get your questions answered is the Dene Tha’ First Nation Agricultural Benefits Facebook page*. It is a place for Dene Tha’ members to gather and post questions, get factual answers, and receive regular updates. The page now has over 1,000 active participants and is a welcoming place to connect with other members.

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for on the Facebook page, then you can contact the Trustee:



(be sure to write “DTFN Community Trust” in the subject line),

Phone: 1-888-495-5245

Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone.

* To join, log onto your Facebook account. In the search bar type in “Dene Tha’ First Nation Agricultural Benefits”. It should be the first search result. Click on the group and you will be brought to the “About This Group” page. There will be a blue box that says “+ Join Group” just under the Dene Tha’ logo. Click that box, and your request will be sent to the group’s administrator for approval.